10 Questions w/ DJ K for Broken Beats


This Friday September 30th will mark my 11th performance in Lithuania!  Needless to say, there are a lot of really great junglists there.

I sat down and answered a few questions for the Twisted Visions crew in Vilnius for the upcoming show tonight which offers a small insight into what I do.


1. Do you have set an objectives in musical career?

I feel like I have reached my objectives! I had two as a young DJ & Producer: 1) to affect someone’s life with my tunes and mixes – and I have received so much positive feedback over the years, I never take talking to a fan for granted. 2) to do a rewind at a live show.. I can’t remember how many I have done :)

2. Where do you take new ideas? How it affects you and the music?

I am not sure.. usually it comes to me out of what seems like nowhere. I wake up with a melody, beat or track that needs a remix in my head and go for it.  Inspiration often comes from any source, that’s the beauty of jungle – I can get away with almost anything.

3. Last friday of September you will play in Lithuania, Vilnius. How you preparing for the event, what you expecting?

Preparing rarely works well for me, but since Vilnius always thrives on good vibes: rough jungle with a roots reggae foundation, this is what I will be sure to have ready to go first and throughout the set!

4. What is the most memorable thing, that you’ll never forget, happened during the whole period of playtime?

One of my greatest moments was at Balti Drambliai in 2009, also in Vilnius.. there was some vibe in the air that is very hard to explain and hard to replicate – all junglists were into every single song, flailing their arms and moving their feet, with a feeling of genuine love and respect in the air – and the selection just came so naturally – great tune after the next.  It is these moments that I live for!  Lithuanians are some of the greatest junglists in the world, and it was not the first or last time I have experienced that there.

5. What do you like playing around and the music-making process?

I like simple production – when it is easy to find the perfect drums and basses to lay over the perfect samples.  I tend to keep effects and processing the sound to a bare minimum – and that’s why most of my tunes sound straight-forward and raw. Timestretching and over-producing really annoys me and throws me off of the whole music-making process.  I believe that a tune should come to me quite quickly, and I’ve learned to drop those that drag on and don’t sound right early on.

6. How is the Jungle/Drum and Bass scene in your country? (about Canadian scene plz if possible)

Canada is loaded with top-notch producers, you can find a name you know well at almost every corner of the city or party you go to.  At one point at the end of the 90’s, when I was getting into DJ’ing, the parties were massive and packed to the walls.  I was at one in Toronto that I can remember having to crawl on the floor to get to the next room since it was just impossible to get there standing up – but these days parties are very small, a few die-hard junglists come to select events, but for the most part it doesn’t even compare to Europe.

7. Thoughts about how Drum and Bass/Jungle music scene in whole world will look like after 10years?

Hard to say this without sounding predictable, but both DNB and Jungle will continue to exist, they can’t die – because they are such unique genres compared to others – but also because it is flexible to try new things with, and new fans are made every year.  So sub-genres will come in go in popularity, but just when one style has grown old, it will re-invent itself and make a comeback.

8. Best jungle/raggacore track of 2016?

These days there is a simplified dubwise sound everywhere, so many tracks make it in a mix, then are forgettable.  I find that the Tek sound is not entirely my thing, and I find the really old jungle sound a few people are still making is too soft and slow.  Breakcore is just simply too fast and noisy for my likes – so my heart sits somewhere around 2003 when the North American jungle scene was in its heyday.  All this being said, I do find a few tracks in this style still, and if I have to pick one, this was my favorite release from 2016: Mr Bad Monkey – Dem People Ah Mad

9. What is your hobbies without music?

I have a little boy who is almost 2 years old, so family time has engulfed most of my free time – and I am really enjoying it, so no complaints there.  But it also means my music projects have way less time to complete.  Somehow, I am still finding time to make tour videos and mixtapes, outside of my jungle music projects.  Also, I like to keep fit, and I have always loved biking, skateboarding, watching documentaries, writing and philosophy.  I am also interested in style and trends, so I try keeping up to date with the newest fashion and technology.

10. Chuch Norris. What are you think about him?

Am I the only one who has never seen a Chuck Norris film!?


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